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03 June 2006

Tangled Up in Blue

My undying love for Wikipedia grows more and more everyday. I spent at least an hour on various Stephen Colbert-related wiki entries (the Truthiness entry is a favorite) while I was supposed to be writing a paper...somehow Colbert was a mere 2 clicks away from my paper-related Wiki entries. I'm convinced that a new, even nerdier version of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game will emerge with Wikipedia as its platform. As you can see from the link, the game itself has its own entry, that's 1 degree of Wiki, baby.

My favorite Wiki entry of the day? Something I've had the extreme misfortune of experiencing myself last week, The Blue Screen of Death. The Wiki entry has a veritable Hall of Shame of BSoD screenshots from different versions of Windows. It is because of this phenomena that I've been doing all my online grad school studies on a borrowed laptop while my friend tries desparately to recover my poor, beleagured (but barely two years old) Dell. Sigh.

There's even a shot of the Red Screen of Death, which we can all expect to haunt our nightmares when Windows Vista is released. Yikes. It might be worth it though, the Vista interface looks a whole hell of a lot like a Mac...sure is purdy.


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