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01 September 2006

What's the greatest nation in the world?


There is practically no one around at work, and I'm a tired, tired egg. Last night, when I did fall asleep, the cold air was flitting in the windows and touching my face, it was wonderful! I wish I were back in bed right now! Had a cuppa coffee earlier today, finishing my peachy green iced tea I made right now, at 3 I'll be getting another cup of java, which will hopefully fuel me through some schoolwork before dinner, when I switch to beer. Hopefully I will not have to get another cup of coffee before the show, but that is sadly a possibility. I expect to sleep in big time tomorrow morning before bombarding myself with more work. The only thing I can think to keep me awake at work today? Listening to all the Nirvana I have on my iPod. It is helping more than you'd think.

No recess! NO RE-CESSSSSSS!!! I hear ya Kurt, I hear ya.


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seriously wicked picture

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