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07 March 2007

I Represent Philly

This player has a bunch of songs loaded on it from the Philly bands playing Philebrity's Philly Jawn party at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year. You can skip forward through the tracks as well, it's all really good (and yes, my roomie's on there as well).

Guess what other Philly thing will be in attendance in Austin?


Wooo. Can't wait. Next Thursday is too far away. Baby needs a vacation.

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Blogger Burntdisk said...

Why do most of 'em sound like the Beatles early period or the Dead? ;-)

Seriously, good find. Thanks. The A-Sides sound like the Cure, which was cool, and The Cobbs sound like the Go-Betweens. Cool

6:07 PM  

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