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14 November 2007

(Un)naturellement Pulpeuse

Oh man.

In the Paris Metro I made a complete ass of myself because I was laughing so hard that I kept doubling over while I was trying to take a picture of the repugnant yet hilarious yet can't-look-away Orangina ads with the tagline "Naturellement Pulpeuse" (Naturally Pulpy) that take elements of nature -- plants and animals -- and give them a pulp treatment. They're all on my Paris Flickr Set but the one that set me into fits of hysterics the entire day was this furry fella:


Anyway my friend just found that there's a video version of this campaign, and although The Bear is not as lascivious in movement as he is captured and pasted on the Metro wall, don't fret, there is still plenty of really disgusting animal faux copulation and Orangina shooting out of bottles like so many loads. Ew. Vive la France!

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