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14 August 2006

High Five

Much to discuss! It was a rather eventful weekend. I think a numbered list will do it best.

1. Rosenbach Museum! - Duck and I went to the Rosenbach Museum on Saturday and it was a real treat. There was so much artwork and beautiful furniture, and I hit it off big time with the docent when I told her I was a library student. We talked a lot about their collection of rare books, and I hope to one day go back and get to page through them (you can make appointments to do so). Mmm is there anything better than a really old book? They even had some incunabula (I hear there's a killer collection at the Philadelphia Free Library's Rare Book Room that I will hit up soon). I bought a chapbook of the original Dracula story from 1488, and a book called Passing Through: Letters and Documents Written in Philadelphia by Famous Visitors. If you're a big nerd like me I suggest checking out the Rosenbach. I have a feeling I'll at least be going back to pick up gifts in the future.

2. Bob Fosse! - Friday night my friend Jackie brought over Cabaret. I had never seen it before, but holy cow was it great! It was so dark and decadent, it had potential Halloween costume written all over it. Then Sunday I was sitting around bored and looked On Demand and saw All That Jazz, which is Bob Fosse's autobiography starring that dude from Jaws. Man what a surreal, disturbing, awesome, beautiful film! I'm loving some Bob Fosse at the moment.

3. Whores! - Apparently all the drug dealers in my neighborhood have moved aside to make way for a ton of prostitutes! Walking home Saturday after the Rosenbach I saw three, one of which commented on my outfit (I didn't hear her) got incredibly offended I didn't respond, and yelled at me, "What are you going to act like we don't know each other?" and turns to Duck, pointing at me, "We slept together." Duck turns to me in mock disbelief and yells, "MEGAN!!!" and I retort, "Oh, I didn't tell you? You don't remember that week where I was a filthy disgusting crack whore?" Haha

4. Sam's benefit! - My friend Sam who survived ovarian cancer had a benefit on Saturday night to raise money for the cause. It was fantastic, the place was mobbed, and she raised $1700 all told. They had a Johnny Cash cover band called Man in Black, and while I HATE cover bands this guy was actually really great. Also, I drank too much beer. But it was a good time! Big ups to Justin for coming by.

5. Librarything! - Yesterday, somewhere between determined and hungover, I catalogued pretty much all of my fiction books on Librarything. My collection is here if you're interested. I hope to do my non-fiction sometime this week, which will take much, much longer. I'm loving everything about Librarything (I only wish I could categorize my records this way!)

Also does anyone know how to get my Blogger right column with my user info to stay at the top? It's driving me nuts that it's all the way at the bottom like that. That's it for now, pictures soon to follow.


Blogger Mark said...

I'm impressed with the Librarything acct., but is it a lot of work?

Did you check out Marianne Moore's apt. while you were at the Rosenbach? It was only a few years ago that they designated her former house in Carlisle an historical site. Justin's probably seen it (N. Hanover, near Cole's bike shop).

1:04 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Adding those 92 books took me all day, and since I have a lot more non-fiction I figure it will take quite a bit longer, but I think it will be worth it, especially with the non-fiction, it will answer questions like "Hmm, what do I have on digital copyright?" and so on which would be very helpful in school and otherwise.

I did see Marianne Moore's apartment, I liked it very much and asked if I could move in :)

1:44 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

It was a good night. I had fun! I have to admit, I stopped for more beer on the way home...

6:19 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

So did I! I got one beer at the Taproom with Duck, Jackie & David, staying past closing (as usual). That was probably a big mistake because man did I feel like the dog's dinner the next day...

but hey, it was for a good cause, right? ;)

9:30 AM  
Blogger Justin said...

That was my defense...

10:20 AM  

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