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10 October 2006

A Hallowed State of Mind

Despite the warm weather, it is definitely October and I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit. I've been watching more horror films than usual (have Rocky Horror Picture Show coming next on Netflix, which is always a treat), have the above spider brooch on its way to me in the mail, listening to Bauhaus, and just generally feeling pretty wicked...awesome.

I'm feeling much, much better today. Super caffeinated (thanks maple macchiato!) and hopefully motivated to do some schoolwork tonight (or at least dye my hair, or clean, or something!) Sadly my Ulysses reading group is cancelled for the evening because everyone else is now sick, but it's ok because I'll have time to re-read chapters 2 and 3 without annotations (maybe even aloud, it seems to beg to be read aloud).

Also, a propos of nothing, I'm deeply offended that the Netflix bot recommended a Carlos Mencia DVD for me. As if! That bot, while usually very good at recommending things for me, just totally FAILED Information Retrieval.


Blogger Katie said...

Nice brooch!

Although I recognized the name, I'm not really familiar with Bauhaus. Now that I'm iPod and iTunes enabled, I'm trying to broaden my musical experiences. Can you suggest a starting point?

5:59 PM  

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