Expatriot Act

The university of these days is a collection of books.

27 November 2006

What we got here is a failure to communicate

B 666
0336662002 GO FUCK MYSELF

Man I think that may have been the nerdiest thing I ever typed. Damn you Library School!

Instead of burning the midnight oil last night working on the assignments due this week (as I hoped I would) I drank half a bottle of wine, fell asleep at 9:30, and didn't wake up until 8:30am. What the hell. I need the Dialog elves to visit me in the night and make this stupid system do my bidding.

22 November 2006

Pen & Ink

Awesome library-related find of the day: Librarian themed temporary tattoos.

Have a happy holiday y'all.

18 November 2006

Glitter and Gold

Last night was the gold themed Sex Dwarf, really fun but we left early to conserve my energy for my sleepover party tonight. But yesterday I got my permanent veneers on so I thought I'd update you all on the fascinating saga that is my teeth. Here they are, for eternity:

More pictures from last night on the Flickr. Slumber party pictures to come! Yay!

13 November 2006

Blog Infidelity

I have to apologize to this blog. I posted in another one this weekend, but it meant nothing to me, I swear. I was on tour with Adam Arcuragi and my little tour bloglette can be found here. I also got to see Stef, almost got to see Mark, and saw some other friends as well. Great time, and I'm going out again at the end of the month. With the first of my birthday parties starting this weekend, I'm going to be having more fun than I can shake a stick at. I just hope I can manage to get all my work done somewhere in there too!

09 November 2006

On the Road

Last night I wrote my entire paper in a bar where my friends were playing. I think Tomer would be proud.

I'll be on tour all weekend, I'm sure I'll post pics upon my return. See you soon, Stef!

08 November 2006

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!

Gotta give credit where it's due but this made me laugh hearty, maniacal laughter in my cube today.

Man oh man I didn't know the aftermath of elections could feel good! But with Rummy sleepin' with the proverbial political feeshes, Santorum and his creepy folk family riding off into the rapture, and the balance of power shifting just a bit, well, it makes a sister feel good on a rainy day.

It's a shame that things had to get this fucking bad for people to stand up and vote and do something about it, but I'm quite enjoying the domino effect. I'm sure it's a banner day in the White House today, reminds me a lot of my favorite period of US political history -- the Nixon administration (oh, if only!) I hope those lazy Dems don't rest on their laurels and that people are still mad enough to put a fucking decent person in the White House in 08.

I think Philebrity said it best:

07 November 2006

2006: A Voting Odyssey

Oh, I am not happy with the state of our electoral affairs in the Illadelph right now. Yesterday I went on The Committee of 70's website to find out whether I needed some sort of change of address form, and it said I did not if I moved more than 6 months ago (I moved two blocks nearly two years ago). The law had changed in 2005, it said. So I get up early, and my neighbor and I went to the new polling place in this shady school in the part of my neighborhood I never go into (as I rule, I do not walk west past my house. My neighborhood is not the worst in Philly, but it's definitely not the best). They didn't have my info. They didn't have my neighbor's either, so he had to grab his bike and go all the way to 5th and Wolf. I go to my old polling place, it moved. I go to that place (meanwhile I'm sweating and peeling off my coat and scarf) and they don't have me either, they call the Committee of 70, they say I should go to 17th and Tasker and use a provisional ballot. UGH. At this point it was 8:58 so I had to get to work, so I decided I would come back after work.

Now I was not super psyched about walking in the shittiest part of my neighborhood alone in the dark, but I was determined to fucking vote. So I go in, at least one of the same women who I saw at 8am was still there at 6pm, she looked about 5 minutes away from falling asleep both times. I explain to them my situation and that I need a provisional ballot. The man working the polling station says, "What is a provisional ballot?" My jaw nearly dropped, but I was not going to leave. I helped him look through the polling kit, showed him what to do, read the forms for him, voted, and told the poll workers what to write, where to sign, etc. so that my vote would be counted. I also told him which people behind me could use the same procedure to their benefit, because I heard some people explaining to poll workers why they weren't in the book and about to turn around and leave. Unfortunately I saw numerous people walk out before me for the same reason I had trouble, and can only assume there were dozens of people during the day at this particular polling place that were turned away for unresolved change of address issues today. This is not good. Do you know who move around a lot? Students and poor people. Sigh, this does not bode well for our little democracy in Murderdelphia.

So why do I care so much about voting? Because I used to be a journalist. I looked forward to Election Day like it was Christmas. All the preparation for the big day, and then the actual Election Day running -- often literally running -- around the city all day, usually a good 10 or 15 hour day, talking to voters and politicians, watching the results come in, getting comments, etc. It's electric, and besides that it's IMPORTANT. So the idea that so many people were turned away today when they actually got out and tried to vote chills me to the core.

The man at the polling place, after I patiently trained all of his volunteers who were obviously not briefed properly just using my common sense, said, "I should hire you next election!" And I thought, fuck, it is my DUTY to take off next election and volunteer at that shady school. I'll bring the Box of Joe, you bring the votes.

04 November 2006

Hello hello

Say hello to my expensive new smile:

That's all I have to report at the moment :)