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28 October 2007

Photo du Jour: San Fran 2

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave


Couldn't have staged this photo if I tried! Took it on the way to a delicious dinner at Millenium. Afterwards I felt pretty dizzy so I took a nap which turned into being like 10 hours long, and now it's 5:30 and I shouldn't be awake but I am. Oops. Can't decide whether to go back to sleep or do my assignment which is already late, since I have to work long hours today. Crap.

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27 October 2007

Photo du Jour: San Fran 1

I'm Afraid of Americans


I'm sure it's partially the 10-hour time difference, having to work all weekend, having assignments due that I'm too tired to work on, and wishing I were home, but man I am just not feeling San Fran right now. Staying in the downtown area where everything is huge and commercial and there are lame street performers and bums everywhere and...man, the cultural shock feels gigantic for me right now. I totally drank le kool aid in Paris and now the West Coast, not being home and not being Paris, is just le bordel. Meh. At least there's a fancy vegan joint around the corner, I'm going there for dinner now. Then I'll have to shake myself awake long enough to get my assignment in. Sigh. I gotta snap out of it.

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26 October 2007

Photo du Jour: Last Tango in Paris, double shot

It's impossibly early in San Fran right now, I'm pretty sure I went back in time yesterday flying over so many timezones, but I'm here, eating cold leftover room service and trying to get my bearings. The travel day won't get a photo (I'd rather forget that one, honestly) but my last day was great so you'll get two pics.

Castles in the Sky


Manning and I cold-chillin' on castle ruins at St. Remy les Chevreuse, a little hamlet outside of Paris. This would be the album cover of our band that would only sing in franglais.

Zese fucking guys


American friend Jesse from These United States outside of the venue where they played in Les Halles. I was so glad to see him and JzayTom and Vandaveer, with their big smiling American faces and American hugs. I just wished we got to hang out longer!

Now I'm in San Fran having to remember how to do work and stuff. Boooo. The complete Paris photo set can be found here.
Au revoir beeches.

23 October 2007

Photo du Jour 8

Ma VIe en Rose


Paris, Je t'aime.

More on the Flickr.

God I love it here. xo


22 October 2007

Photo du Jour 8

Posting this one a bit early because I have to get up early tomorrow to go to Chateau de Versailles.

Je voudrais un croissant


Now a total of 159 photos on the Paris set and there's captions on them now. Must get back to drinking champagne in my pjs with a comic book artist birthday boy and a Bosnian model. What, your Monday night is different?


Photo du Jour 7

I'm going to do it a bit different today and give you a bunch from one place, I got lost at one point and ended up wandering into Notre Dame, which is always the way I end up in there, and the incense was chokingly thick as they started a mass, I quietly took some non-flash photos and hightailed it out of there. Lots more of my various adventures yesterday on le Flickr.

Our Lady of the Highway







21 October 2007

Photo du Jour 6

You spin me right round


The carousel near St. Eustache.

I stay up til 5am every night. I walked probably 6 miles yesterday and took about 40 pictures around town, which are on le flickr. I ate super heavy cheese things for every meal. My hosts are amazing and funny and beautiful. It was so cold I had to wear gloves yesterday, but incredibly beautiful, today looks beautiful also, so I'm going to go enjoy it. Kisses! xo M.


20 October 2007

Photo du Jour 5

Starting to lose track of whether I'm really only posting one a day, but that's OK. In honor of that loss of a grip on spacetime I'll post two photos today.

Joyeux anniversaire Manning!


It looks like Manning is really really excited for cake. Which is probably true.

Dali's Bathroom


Surreal picture in my hosts' co-co crazy bathroom.

More, comme d'habitude, sur le flickr.

19 October 2007

Photo du Jour 4

Je suis arrivee


Je suis tellement fatiguee mais au moins mon francais n'est pas trop mal...

plus sur le Flickr.


18 October 2007

Photo du Jour 3

Double Take


Sometimes Philly looks like Paris if you squint a little. Shawn at Rx.

Je partirai ce apres-midi, en arrivant a Paris le matin prochaine. A demain! xo M.


17 October 2007

Photo du Jour 2

A Day in Black and White

Picture 025

Philadelphia gets moody when you leave her.

Also the subway windows could use a washin'. I'm off tomorrow!

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16 October 2007

Les Photos du Jour

As you may already know, I'm about to leave for Paris-San Fran-New York until November 5. That's a long time to be away! It's likely going to be really hard to blog about so I plan to post a picture everyday. So if you're interested in seeing what I'm up to, this'll be the best way.

Although I won't leave til Thursday I'll start now.

Clouds in my Coffee

Picture 028

Comcast building, Philadelphia, my walk to work on a beautiful cloudy fall day. Got my Euro exchanged right after snapping this one. More, as always, on le Flickr.