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18 August 2006

Revenge is a Dish Best Served "Wit"

This is GREAT, taken from Philebrity:

Subject: 9/9/06 !!! FLASH MOB AT GENO’S !!! Please Forward Forward Forward to your Philly Friends !!!

Hello friends and fellow humans,
You’ve probably heard of random flash mobs happening around the country by now - masses of people suddenly, unexpectedly showing up at a public space, doing something marginally absurd, such as pillowfighting in Love Park, or 5-minute mega dance parties in a plaza, etc. Well, here’s another one coming up you can be a part of! Please forward it along to your friends if you think it’s interesting.

Imagine this scenario:
Hundreds of people lining up to order cheese steaks at Geno’s. Nothing unusual, right? Right. That’s the usual scene there anyways. However, here’s the twist: everybody lined up, one after another, will be ordering in any language besides English! Don’t be surprised if none of those people get served. They probably won’t be. Imagine the confusion!

Geno’s Steaks
S. 9th & E. Passyunk, between Federal and Wharton

Saturday September 9, 2006
5 PM sharp
**show up between 4:30pm and 4:50pm or so, hang around the area, in the park, etc, and at exactly 5pm, everybody ‘in on it’ will start lining up.**

Going to Geno’s for the specific purpose of ordering in non-English. Come equipped with a couple of lines in another language to order cheese steaks, fries, anything really. They probably won’t serve you, and if they do and you don’t want to buy it, just say, “Sorry, no thanks,” or, “Sorry, I changed my mind,” in your other language.

You may sincerely want to buy a cheese steak/fries/soda/etc. For this purpose, we will try to be as polite as possible. However, you are not obliged to buy anything.

For more info, go here, to figure out what the hell I'm even talking about, go here. I've actually witnessed/participated in a flash mob before, and it sounds lame unless you're actually there, then it is quite exhilirating/hilarious, even better if it's political in nature!


Blogger Justin said...

A spanish language group tried this same thing and every single one of them were served.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Aww it's no fun unless it's original! But the fact that they include Pig Latin and Gibberish is hilarious.

I won't be participating because I'm against those joints for completely different reasons, me being vegan and all. (I totally support other people eating that stuff if they want, but I wouldn't even pretend to order there because I wouldn't know what to do with what I got!)

4:40 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

What?! You'd miss your opportunity to practice your Pig Latin!

Here's an article about the other protest.


7:39 PM  

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